How it Works

Our goal is to get your business up & running so you can focus on what you love to do. Once you’ve selected the Kit of your choice, registration is simple!

Are we one step ahead of you?

Contact Jill to discuss which Kit would be best for you.

STEP 1: Register online for your Kit right here.

It will ask you to select your Kit and make your payment.

STEP 2: Tell us about yourself.

Once your payment has processed you’ll be e-mailed a form asking you all about your company. The form will take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes to complete. You’ll have one week to complete it, so don’t schedule any vacation to the Bahamas in the meantime.

STEP 3: Get accountable.

Once we receive your form, expect your first call from your Accountability Buddy! You’ll begin the process of setting up all of your services with your Buddy and getting to know our rockstar team of service providers. Then, we’ll get working to get your company to a place where you can focus on what matters most.

It’s that simple. Ready to pick your Kit? Head over here!